Dear Dreamland

The darkness of my house is killing me
My feelings are eating me
The sad songs are drowning me
My thoughts about my future are dying

I want to believe that the hope is waiting for me
I want to believe that cupid is waiting for me outside
I want to believe that any day everything that I planned come true

I hear voices in my mind telling me
Don’t worry, its temporary
Sea I miss you very much like I miss my friends
Forest I miss you very much like I miss the blue sky
I miss stay outside and see the birds singing
I miss run outside and feel the freedom
Feeling that everything doesn’t give a fuck
That is no rules in the world

Dear dreamland let me stay with you
Smoke with you
Drink with you
Sing with you
See the stars with you
Have a life with you
But most important
Let me dream with you


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