the real man

Hi, nice to meet you, everyone is important to me.I only talk to girls, I only attend to women If you’re not a woman, if you’re a gay man, better don’t talk to me because I’m not going to Reply. men no» I consider myself a real man That’s why it’s normal that I like women, even if people say otherwise, I consider myself a normal person.

If you are a real woman, I welcome you and say hello, beautiful woman, how can I serve you and how can you help me?

People say that I have the female sex and the papers but I have always said that I am a man by birth I even think that I have the entire male body so people believe the opposite I do not consider myself a lesbian, and a trans man. I consider myself a real man, a man by birth and I feel normal and I feel like a straight man I love God and I believe in him. Goodbye, beautiful lady, may God bless you, I tell you with all my heart, if she wants to talk to me and she’s a woman, just tell me, I’ll be waiting for you, friend.

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