Let you go

A long time ago,
Your face I have not stopped imagining.
I always longed for your protection, your hugs and your love,
Those things that by a bad decision, that neither of us took,
They were taken from us without the slightest compassion.
But today,
Today I decide to let you go, so that in peace you can live,
I promise I will always be happy, because your memory will be present in me.
And while I never got to know you, I’m glad because I know where you are you’re happy and you’re at peace,
I just keep hoping that one day we can finally meet and as sisters we can embrace and love each other.
But in the meantime, I decide to let you go and think that like the stars in the sky you will never disappear and that you will look forward to it shining beside you with the same intensity.

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