La muerte

who does not read,
who does not hear music,
who does not find grace in himself.
who slowly destroys his self-love,
who does not allow himself to help, dies slowly .
He who slowly becomes a slave to the habit,
repeating the same routes every day,
who does not change the brand,
does not dare to change the color of his clothes,
or does not converse with those who do not know.
Slowly die who avoids a passion and its swirl of emotions,
just these that return the shine
to the eyes and restore the broken hearts.
Slowly die who does not turn the wheel when unhappy
with his work, or his love,
who does not risk what is certain or uncertain to go after a dream
who does not allow himself, even once in his life, to
flee from sensible advice …

Live today!
Take risks today!
Do it today!
Do not let yourself die slowly!
Don’t stop yourself from being happy!


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