Entre sabanas lo

every morning our love is reborn.
Your kisses and caresses make it happen,
I surrender ecstatically to your wishes without fear.

With beautiful eyes the color of the sky
your seductive gaze runs through my body.
I light up slowly and melt my ice.
I imagine a thousand things, but I don’t say anything.

I lose my senses, my heart is not wrong,
they caress me gently and run through your hands.
At that moment my mouth seeks your mouth,
and like wild beasts to love we surrender.

Our linked bodies end up holding each other,
calm is reflected in your serene face.
A maximum joy our bodies reached,
being forever united in body and soul.

After loving each other, we shared the pillow.
A faint sunlight is already coming through the window.
We look into each other’s eyes without saying anything,
we have loved each other again, like every morning.


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